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1. And he's the mastermind of this whole thing.他是整個事情的主謀

2. And then when you start running out of air...當你沒氣的時候

3. Anything break on the other six?其他六人有什麼進展?

4. But it's going to make collaboration kind of hard.不過這樣合作起來就不那麼容易了。

5. But you need a fall guy,fine. 但是你們需要一個替罪羊。

6. Can I hitch a ride?我能搭個便車嗎?

7. Care to comment? 有啥想說的麼?

8. Do you copy?收到了嗎?Roger. 收到了

9. Do you happen to have a pen handy? 你手頭有筆嗎?

10. Don't turn your back on us.別拋棄我們

11. Every plot is mapped out with dimensions.每一小塊都會用尺寸標注出

12. From a public relations standpoint,abruzzi and apolskia were by the book.從公眾角度出發,(殺)abruzzi and apolskia是按規定的。

13. Get some two-bit job? 找份廉價工打打?

14. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you in right now.給我個不告發你的理由。

15. Go nothing.別動

16. He acknowledge that whatever neuroses drove the criminal to commit the original crime is compounded.他知道無論是什麼神經機能病變導致的最初犯罪都是複雜的

17. He went out with his boots on.他死在工作崗位 。

18. He's a closed book.他很自我保護

19. He's got a stateroom listed as a cargo hold on the manifest.他將頭等艙偽造成裝貨物的倉庫 20. Hit a sore spot,didnt I? 說到你痛處了,是不是?

21. How do you throw the hunter off the scent?Get rid of the prey.你怎麼才能逃過獵人的鼻子? 扔掉獵物。

22. How was scofield able to have exclusive access to you?為什麼scofield能單獨接觸你?

23. Humpty dumpty climbed up a wall,humpty dumpty had a great fall.胖墩爬上牆,胖墩摔下來。

24. I admire your optimism.She’s rolling,man. 我很欽佩你的樂觀,她在叛變

25. I believe i said no comment.我說過無可奉告了

26. I bought us some time-that's what counts. 我爭取到了時間,那才是最重要的。

27. I didn't mean to startle you. 我沒想嚇你。

28. I failed him.我讓他失望了.

29. I hope you're holding on to something tight 'cause i'm about to break it down for you.我希望你做好心理準備,因為我要說的東西會讓你崩潰。

30. I let that psychopath t-bag loose once.我讓T-BAG那個變態逃掉一次

31. I want to alert you to a possible situation.我要提醒你可能發生的情況。

32. I want you to turn youself in.我希望你去自首。

33. If you would have just told us in the beginning that this was going to be a railroad.如果你一開始就告訴我們這是個快速通過案。

34. I'll ring it up.我來打價

35. I'm punkd我被耍了

36. I'm the furthest thing from a threat.我根本沒有威脅。

37. Is it true you sold the right to run prison industries to the highest bidder?你將監獄工廠管理權賣給出價最高的人是不是真的?

38. It looks like we're back to square one.看來我們又回到起點了

39. It was 1:00 PM when they tangled it up.他們在下午一點聚集在一起

40. It's a one-shot deal out of the country. 這是離開這個國家的惟一的機會。

41. It's a simple strategy,plays across the board. 很簡單的策略,廣為人知

42. It's over for good 永遠結束了

43. It's time to get the hat.我們該去拿錢了

44. Just go easy.放鬆點

45. Keep me posted. 和我保持聯繫

46. Keep your head down.小心撞頭,引申為"小心行事"

47. Knock it off. 安靜

48. Let's roll out.我們出發吧

49. Listen,you know I'm thankful for the help with the green card,but I just don't want to get involved.我很感激你幫我搞到綠卡但我不想捲入此事。

50. My dogs are just barking. 我走得腳痛

51. Nobody's punking out沒人退出

52. None of your beeswax.不關你事

53. Not be constantly running,looking over your shoulder不用到處躲藏,小心翼翼地生活

54. Not in a thousand years.想都別想

55. Oh ,shut it哦閉嘴吧

56. Oh,hit me a nerve 哦,真嚇人

57. One should never turn his back on his home country. 一個人永遠也不能背棄自己的祖國

58. Places to stay,business that are more open to hiring men out of the correctional system. 能住的地方,優先聘用勞改犯的商家。

59. Probably out of your price range. 恐怕你買不起

60. Provided the transport comes though.若果交通順利的話。

61. Self-presevation is a strong motivator.自衛是很強的因素。

62. She found no signs of foul play.她沒發現謀殺跡象

63. Sir,I cannot do a procedure like this without an anesthetic.先生,如果沒有麻醉劑,我沒法動這個手術。

64. That is absolutely hogwash.簡直一派胡言。

65. That's my ego.是我自以為是了

66. The guy id'd both of them 那個人認出了他們兩

67. The harder you struggle,the worse it gets你越掙扎,情況越糟。

68. The hat's over the wall.犯罪已成事實

69. The money was never yours to begin with.本來就不是你們的錢

70. The only way to win a war is to try to konw your prey completely.知己知彼,百戰不殆

71. The picture makes me look like a sociopath.照片上的我跟精神變態者似的

72. There was a way we could wipe the slate clean.這樣我們可以洗清冤屈

73. This can go down humanely if you don’t fight,but if you pull a stunt like that again,it's going to get inhumane right quick.你要不掙扎的話,那接下來我將會很仁慈,不過要是你想再耍花招,我就會變得很殘忍。

74. This will be your last outburst,officer.這將是你最後一次發飆了,長官。

75. Those ass-hats are worth more dead than you and i are alives.那些混蛋就是死了也比我們值錢 76. We don't have to ditch the car. 我們不必丟棄這輛車。

77. We got to lose the bike. (經典台詞 www.suntw.net)我們得扔掉這車。

78. We have already committed the crime.我們已經犯罪了

79. We keep tapping on cracks,and she's going to break.我們深入利用這個弱點,她就會崩潰。

80. We ran into some car trouble 我們遇到車禍了

81. We’ll call for you when we’ve reached a decision.等我們做好決定後會通知你們。

82. We’ll drop you off in the next town,and I’ll wire you that 10,000 like I said.我們讓你在下個鎮下車,我會給你匯10000美元。

83. Well,Hector says that you can serve your full sentence.嗯,hector說你要刑滿才釋放。

84. We're going to get made out here.我們會被認出的

85. We're headed out,man我們出發了,夥計。

86. We're pulling them now.我們在全力以赴

87. Whatever you got eating at you,you just give it up.無論什麼事在折磨你,你就讓它去吧(即別讓這種內疚折磨你

88. When dad’s back acts up,we stop. 當爸爸的背不舒服時我們就得停下來

89. Why don't you cut out all the riddles, snowflake,and just give us to a straight.你幹嘛不把話說明點,小白臉。

90. Without the money,we are screwed沒有錢我們就完了

91. Yeah,yuck it up,funny man.耶,盡情大笑吧,可笑的人。

92. You are outnumbered and we will come after you.你人數少,我們會追上你的

93. You fell for her你愛上了她。

94. You think that tire went flat by accident?你以為車輪癟了是個意外麼?

95. You were attending when I first started here.我剛來的時候你是主治醫師。

96. Your call.你決定吧。

97. Your tags are expired.你的車牌過期了

98. You're just hoofing it out here in the middle of nowhere?你就在中途閒逛?

99. You're not being very transparent,Warden.你不是很坦率,獄長。

100. You're slipping.你錯了。